Last updated: 15 April 2020  

We want to thank you all for your ongoing support during these unprecedented times. We at GFS are missing our girls and our weekly sessions terribly, but we are inspired by the courage that people are showing.

We’d like to assure you that GFS is very much still here and working hard to improve what we do when all of this is over, but also to continue to reach girls and young women through this difficult time.

Research has shown that girls will still need support during the lockdown. Statistically, girls suffer from poorer mental health than boys, and also are more at risk of online bullying. Both of these disadvantages are magnified right now, so it is as important as ever that girls are still getting specialised support. This has presented us with an exciting challenge and here’s how we are rising to it.

Virtual GFS

A number of our groups have started holding their sessions online over Zoom. While the content of the sessions has changed, the most important thing for the girls is that they have an opportunity to speak to their friends. Friendships are incredibly important for young girls and we are happy to give them the chance to lean on their GFS community.

If you’re interested in joining a virtual GFS group, you can get in touch with any of the following, who are holding sessions.

GFS at home

With many parents at home and under pressure to keep children entertained, we felt that we could be a big help by making some of our activities available online.

Each week, we are releasing a themed set of activities that are fun for everyone and feature stereotype busting women that can help all children realise that girls can do anything.

So far we have shared science week, spies and codebreakers week, and coming up next will be nature week. You can check them all out here. If you’ve enjoyed the activities, take a picture and tag is in it on Facebook or Instagram – we love to see you having a great time.