People Bingo

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This can be adapted to suit particular groups or specific interests. The aim of this activity is to encourage the group to speak to every person taking part in the session.


Hand out the worksheet and a pen to each participant. Explain that the task is to complete the sheet by putting a tick and a name to each ‘find someone’. Unless the group is very small, set a ground rule that the same person cannot be asked twice. This makes sure that the young people do not just stand and ask their best friend all the questions. If it is a very small group the rule is that you cannot ask the same person two questions in a row. The first person to complete the whole sheet yells ‘BINGO!’ and the game stops.

Bring the whole group back together and review the findings. What are the similarities? Do the group have lots of things in common? Did they learn anything new about anyone?


Enough copies of the sheet for each member of the group and pens for each person.

People Bingo

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