‘Home’ themed Reading Challenge by LifeJackets

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The LifeJackets reading challenge is great for helping the girls understand big issues affecting children. Creative activities lead reflection on issues the girls may find troubling, in an age-appropriate way. Using stories and poems gives the girls a glimpse of other people’s lives and can help them think about difficult subjects from other people’s perspectives. This awareness supports them to maintain strong friendships and to become compassionate and empowered citizens.

Girls taking part in our Reading Challenge can think about what kids need to know in a new school and how they could help new children who come to their school. They’ll think about what things we should all expect from a home and build their resilience by reflecting on what helps them feel they belong in their neighbourhood or GFS group.

There are 3 steps:

1) Choose a book (or use the poem provided) and read it.

2) Talk about the story or poem (our session plan has ideas for talking points if you want them).

3) Complete the activity sheets included (these have a mix of drawing and written activities – do it all or choose which bits suit you).

Tip: why not have a competition for the most thoughtful response or welcoming poster? (see pack)

The activities for schools and youth organisations are organised into 3 session/lesson plans (with accompanying activity sheets). They are themed on homelessness, refuge and belonging. You can run all three or pick one or two which you think will work well for your group.

Children who’ve already taken part have said how much they’ve liked being able to think and talk about these subjects (both those who have lived-experience of these issues and the other children who’ve encountered these issues indirectly).

Download the free pack from https://lifejacketsuk.org/get-the-challenge-pack/ until May 2019.

Read more about why children are bothered about homelessness here.

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