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Self-esteem cards

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Extension This activity can be delivered as part of a longer self-esteem programme over a number of weeks. The programme could include: Self-esteem journal Believe in your Selfie  Self-esteem and the Media Strengths... READ MORE

Social Gaming – Staying Safe

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This activity develops teamwork and leadership. The learning objectives are to identify certain types of social games and the possible risks of each. There is also the option to use social media positively... READ MORE

Gender Focus, Different Perspectives

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‘Gender’ and ‘sex’ are terms that are often confused. Sex is used to refer to the physical differences between males and females. Gender, describes the different patterns of behaviour associated with males and... READ MORE

You Must Trust!

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This is a fun way to build trust and helps people understand what happens in teams if members are not working together. Never finish a game without debriefing as people may leave the... READ MORE

Cooperation Circle

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This activity needs plenty of space and a large group to work well. If you have less than ten girls the task will be too easy and the cooperation element lost. The aim... READ MORE

Introduction Circle

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This form of introduction works well with young people of all ages. Make sure you have plenty of space to make a really effective network. The aim of this activity is to introduce... READ MORE