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GFS Olympics

Focus Young women will have increased knowledge about some famous female Olympians/Sportswomen through history whilst also having fun in a safe – and a little bit competitive – environment. Preparation This activity can... READ MORE

Election Time

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Focus Encourage girls in all sections to think about how Parliament, the government and politics affects their lives. As well as encouraging girls to have their say in the political process, this activity... READ MORE

Staying Safe

Focus This activity develops teamwork and leadership. The learning objectives are to identify certain types of social games and the possible risks of each. There is also the option to use social media... READ MORE

The Dinner Party Plan

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Focus This activity develops teamwork skills, confidence and increased social and communication skills. Preparation None. Instructions Resources Flip chart paper Pens and felt tips A4 paper READ MORE

Family Party

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Focus This can be a way to get to know the girls and young women’s families better in order to better understand and support them. It can be linked to a seasonal event... READ MORE


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Focus This activity asks girls to think about vocabulary to describe GFS and to form it into the structure of a rap. It also develops confidence in using their voices. Preparation Prepare sticky... READ MORE

Breaking the Mould

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Focus The purpose of this activity is to explore what vocabulary the girls associate with both boys and girls. Preparation None. Instructions Resources Large sheets of paper Pens READ MORE

Love Versus Anger

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Focus This activity helps the girls develop teamwork skills whilst having fun and being active. Preparation Make rolls of newspaper. Instructions Resources Wastepaper bin or box Used/out of date newspapers READ MORE