Why should you volunteer for GFS

Volunteers' Week 2017

1st June 2017


1st June kicks off the start of Volunteers’ Week 2017. This is a nationwide celebration of all volunteers who dedicate their time, skills and efforts for the benefit of others.


GFS is built on the help of our volunteers - they make up the majority of those working to support GFS girls and young women. We want to start off the week by saying a big thank you to all our volunteers across England and Wales for their commitment to GFS and for having a positive impact on lives of hundreds of girls and young women!


So why should you volunteer?

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Well, there are many benefits to spending as little as a few hours a week volunteering such as:

Christmas Card Competition

5th December 2016

GFS Skegness delivered sessions to support Year Six girls at The Richmond School around the importance of friendship. See the results.


Great armouth Young Women's Art Show

25th November 2016

See the artwork showcased by the young women of GFS Great Yarmouth in their Young Women's Art Show.


Body image inforgraphic

30th March 2017

Body image in young girls - discover what GFS Skegness found out in our infographic.


Developing your skills

developing your skills


If you would like to develop your skills in a particular area, or learn something new - all whilst contributing to a worthwhile cause - then volunteering for GFS is perfect!


Some of our roles involve working directly with our girls and young women by delivering activities, supervising outings, organising events, services and support. This could be as a casual helper or leader of an already established GFS group, or through setting up a new group in your area. GFS also offers you the training needed to keep on top of your volunteering game such as safguarding and first aid.


Some of our roles do not require direct engagement with girls and young women, but provide much needed support to groups or head office in a variety of areas from planning and admin to marketing and photography.


All our roles are flexible and there is something for everyone! In addition to work based skills, you can build your social skills like confidence, self-esteem and teamwork by volunteering.

Meeting new people

meeting new people


You are not alone! Whether you want to work with the girls and young women or behind the scenes, there is always someone at hand to support your journey. It can be quite daunting to enter into a new environment, but at GFS we try to make this process as smooth as possible.


Before you know it, you've made a new bunch of friends and invaluable connections!

Giving back to your local community and supporting girls and young women.


GFS groups are at the heart of their communities and there is always work to be done. Whether that is engaging in volunteering in the local area, documenting events, reaching out through social media or coming up with ideas - as an expert in your community you can help to cater the activities that are most suitable.


No matter what volunteering role you choose, you will also be helping contribute to our vision of a world where all girls and young women fulfil their potential.

It isn’t just a hobby...

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Volunteering is rewarding! And it should be just as much fun for you as it is for our girls and young women. We also encourage students and young women to get involved - with the summer holidays approaching, volunteering is a great way to effectively use those free hours in the day to do something meaningful.


Volunteering also looks good on your CV and some colleges and universities even offer extra credit for volunteering.


Interested? Then join our volunteering team!


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